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All Stainless Steel Double Section Pipe Repair Clamp Feature
- Jun 29, 2018 -

High versatility: coupling and repair in a single product, allows not only the repairing of damaged pipes, but also the defi nitive connection of pipes of different materials, misaligned, non-aligned and of different dimensions, distance up to 22 cm (model 280). It allows replacement of sleeves of asbestos-cement pipes.

Sealing gasket with lip profi le, with special design at the ends which ensures a perfect seal even with high operating pressures and dynamic defl ection 3° per side (on the basis of DN and models).

It works as a fl exible joint: not realigning the ends of the broken pipe, unlike traditional collars, eliminates tension from which the break is derived and the risk of its repetition.

Perfect sealing also on pipes ovalized or not smooth.

Light and easy to install.

No need of special tools or big escavation, neither pipe’s preparation before mounting.

Available with special version for non standard applications: closed clamp or reinforced clamp.

On every clamp an indelible label reports the range of application, mounting instructions, closing torque…)

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