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Alternative Pipe Repairs Utilizing Dresser Coupling..
- Jul 13, 2018 -

When the defective pipe may be heavily damaged, and service interruption is permitted, Spooling In a new place OT pipe just might be the economical repair alternative Proven by years of service on all kinds of pipe, Dresser couplings We provide a flexible leakproof connection that Will last the life of the pipe. No costly threading, beveling, Welding or exact pipe fitting or alignment is required, what's more, the resilient Dresser gaskets absorb stress, Vibration, expansion, and contraction movement. Installation is safe and sure, There's no hazard to workmen or delays due to weather. Dresser Style 38 couplings are available from 1/2 thru48 steel pipe sizes and up to 24 for the cast and ductile iron. Larger sizes are available on request


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