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Different Diameter Pipe Connection With Pipe Coupling Device
- Aug 02, 2018 -

How we connect two different diameter pipe and different materials.  

we can not make it before using the pipe coupling products.

For example:

PE pipe  O.D 110mm 

Steel Pipe: O.D 118

they are different from both diameter and materials. 

normally PE pipe can be connected by electro melted and fire melted.

Steel pipe can be connected by welding. 

we can not melt the steel and weld the PE plastic pipe.

it seems not possible to connect together.

Using Zhuhong Pipe coupling products to make it happen.


armor: stainless steel 304.

Gasket: EPDM 

Fastener: Stainless steel 304 bolts.

keep two pipe ends together and covers with zhuhong pipe coupling screw tight.

They are being connected now.


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