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Dismantling Joints PN 16
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Dismantling Joints for use in pipeline networks to fill spaces between pipework and fittings, like valves and flange adaptors. These fittings come with a full set of rods for increased stability, and are suitable for working pressures of 16 bar.


PN16 Sizes from DN40 to DN1800, DN2000 available upon request, also available PN25 up to 1400mm and PN40 - more details on enquiry.


Product Specifications


Constructed of Cast Iron - for increased durability.

WRAS Approved Blue Epoxy Coating.

WRAS EPDM Seals for use on potable drinking water.

Zinc coated bolts, nuts and washers - Stainless fixings available on request. 

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