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How To Correctly Install A Pipe Coupling Clamp
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Repair Clamps Installation GuidiHow to Choose a Repair ClampConfrm the pipe OD and leak point of which you want to repair. Choose the right lamp type(single or double band, the width or the length, etc. Choose the right size to belong to the pipe O D. you are going to repair. e.g. When Pipe O D 300mmthe clamp you choose should be a least mm wider way from the peak pon When Pipe O.>300mm the length should be at least 100mm wider for covering the leak point. Knacks in Installation1. Clean the pipe surface making I as clean and free of so mud and scale as possible in order to enable the clamping gasket to successfully seal against the pipe surface2. Hold the clamp against the pipe and draw left and right clamp end locator marks on the pipe3. Use water or suds to lubricate the pipe in order to make the sealing ring easier to install4. Clean and lubricate the bolt can lower the friction then make it easier for tightening the bolt and nut.5. Keep a stable water pressure in the pipe to prevent sundries6. When the pipe is lubricated well, it will be easier to wrap the clamp around the pipe7. Rise up the water level over the pipe can effectively control the water spray which will help a quick instalation.8. Tighten the middle nut can help to control the water spray, then sequentially tighten the other bolts.9. Drill a hole on both ends of the pipe can help to reduce the pressure and prevent enlarging the leak pointUrgent Repair for Large PipelinesOnce urgent repair needed to be done on large pipes, assemble some small range clamps to one several band repair clamp.159-1701. Make sure of the exact pipe OD, which needed to be repaired.2. Choose two or three small range clamps, make sure the sum of their range is equal to the o.d. of159-170 the pipe which you want to repair.+12+12e.g. When repairing a DN500 DI pipe, OD.510mm, choose three DN150 clamps which range s 159-170 to159-170make them be the right size for this DN500501-5343. The small clamps you use to assemble to a big one is not necessary to be the same size, but it would be better to be the sameRecommendedwhen connecting two pipes which have a gap 25mm, a short pipe or a thin sheet metal is needed to be used to help to fill the gap in order to support the sealing ring

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