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Multi-function Pipeline Connection Patcher
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. Safe and reliable, good sealing: New connector and repairer, pressure resistance 16 bar, temperature 100 °C, special requirements, pressure resistance dozens of bar, suitable for more than 80% of the ship's pipe system.
2. Seismic, impact, noise reduction: This kind of connector and patcher change the traditional rigid connection into a flexible connection, making the piping system resistant to shock and noise.
3. To reduce the weight of the pipe: The weight can be reduced by about 75% compared with the flange method.
4. Save pipeline space: Flange-free full-phase construction is not needed for installation and disassembly. Only bolts are locked and screwed from one side, which can save pipeline layout and construction space by up to 50%. Reasonable allocation of piping for space-limited ships Significant.
5.Compatible with good adaptability: The connector and patcher are widely used in various metal pipes and composite material pipes. They can be used for the same material, also can be used for different materials, the connection between pipelines, the pipe to which they are connected. The wall thickness, connection end surface, etc. have no excessive processing requirements.
6. Convenient and quick installation: In the field construction, the connector and the repairer itself do not need to be assembled, and the pipeline to be connected is not complicated to adjust the processing requirements. Only torque wrenches are required to tighten 2 to 3 bolts from one side according to the specified torque during installation. The operation is particularly easy.

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