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Small Diameter Pipe Repair Clamp Application
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Pipe repair Clamps for pipes of 3/4" to 8" (DN 20 up to DN 200)


The clamps can be used to repair the following pipe types: - Ductile Iron 

(DI) – Steel - Cast Iron (CI) - PVC. 

Available lengths: 100 / 150 and 200 mm. Pressure ratings: Pressure 

ratings for water ** depend on the type of break or damage, pipe OD, 

medium etc.

In general,clamps can resist a working pressure of 16 bar for pipes up 

to DN 150 and 10 bar for pipes with DN > 150.

Our stainless steel repair clamps are designed to fix leaks, cracks and 

other damage on pipelines. The stainless steel repair clamp can be 

supplied with a ring seal for localised damage or a full waffle mat with 

stainless steel side armour for added protection. Manufactured from 

stainless steel, these clamps provide added corrosive protection.


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