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Stainless Steel Branch Pipe Repair Clamp Choose And Install Steps
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Sealing and repairing of cracks, holes and breaks on pipes, even for oval pipes, pipes made from different materials (steel, ductile iron, asbestos cement, plastic) carrying water and other fluids in pressure or not.

Connection of off centre pipes (max. angular flexion of 2°) and pipes are out of line or offish (few millimetres of distance).

Wide tolerance on the external diameter of the pipe.

Light and easy to install.

Made by two work pieces. Repair clamps can be obtained by connecting more terminal junctions.

Rapid socket bolt each 100 mm length, Teflon coated in threaded part to avoid gripping problems.

Fully realized from stainless steel with passivated welding for an high resistance to corrosion.

Voltaic cell effect by using different materials (i.e. ductile iron terminal junction + stainless steel band+ steel bolts) is avoided.

The terminal junction is welded on the band allowing an increasing of tightening torque for each bolt ensuring a better sealing of the clamp.

Available with flanged outlet (series 30) from DN 50 up to DN 200 and PN 10 or 16 drilling. Band range from 10 mm (standard) up to 20 mm (on request).

Available with outlet with parallel internal threading Rp ½” – Rp 3”.

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