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The Correct Operation For All Stainless Steel Repair Clamp
- Jul 18, 2018 -


The segmented design permits an easy and quick

The pipe must be cleaned in advance, and any insulating layers have to be removed In case of complete breaks it has to be ensured that thee

Prior to installation of DN 80 and 100 loosen the bolts as far as possible, though without removing the nuts from the bolts. In case of DN 150 the bolts of the two rows of fasteners have to be opened as far as possible-just as in case of DN 80 and 100

When installing the clamp care shall be taken that the end gasket (1)that is closer to the pressure sheet (3)located between the pipe(4)and the other end of the gasket (2). The rubber ends shall sufficiently overlap ensures the sealing effect 

We recommend positioning the clamp in such a way that the bolt heads are well accessible so they can be tightened properly. The nuts are fixed in the locating slots of opposite segment

The bolts shall be tightened evenly (in optional order; in tightened evenly to ensure that the distance is as regulars possible

Max tightening torque-see below table 


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