Flange Adapter Universal DN 450 (476-493mm) PN 10/16

Flange Adapter Universal DN 450 (476-493mm) PN 10/16

Flange adapter Universal DN 450 (476-493mm) PN 10/16

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Flange adapter  Universal DN 450 (476-493mm) PN 10/16


Nominal diameter DN 450

Crimping range, mm 476-493

Pressure PN, Atm. 10/16

Manufacturer Domex

Country of origin Poland

PFRK - branch pipe flange bell socket compensating (the most common name for the flange adapter in the Russian market) is the type of mechanical fitting that allows to get the flange exit from a smooth pipe (i.e., "flange" the pipe).


Why is it convenient? We will name a number of problems that specialists encounter in their everyday work and which can often be solved only with the help of the PFRK or, in other words, the flange adapter: repair of the damaged cast-iron pipe, replacement of the armature in the well, transition from one type of pipe to another.


What is the main advantage of the PFRK - do not need a special tool and equipment for installation, do not need a high qualification of the installer, 100% reliability of the connection, there is no need to have a large stock of products for repair, depending on the type of pipes.

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