Flange Adapter Manufactured In China

Flange Adapter Manufactured In China

Flange adapter manufactured in China

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Product Details

Flange adapter manufactured by ZHUHONG

Flanged adapters ZHUHONG are widely used for repair, installation and laying of water pipes, sewerage, heating systems.


Material of the pipes to be connected: cast iron VCCHG, gray cast iron, steel, asbestos cement, PVC, PE and others. Flange adapters are not replaceable when connecting pipes of different materials and mismatched external diameters.


They are easy to install.


Material specification and dimensions


Couplings are manufactured from DN from 50 mm to 300 mm.

The size of the range of the installation diameter is from 14 to 25 mm.

Housing material - cast iron GGG450-10 with epoxy coating.

The studs and nuts are St3s / 18G2A steel with Dacromet ™ galvanizing.

Gasket: EPDM rubber, other gaskets on request.

Working pressure 10/16 bar.

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