Pipeline patcher performance
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1, versatility: suitable for a variety of materials of the pipeline.
2. Adaptability: Pipes with axial displacement, angle deviation, and difference in outer diameter can be connected. Even if the pipeline is inaccurate, it can withstand pressure and leak, and it has strong durability.
3, simple operation: light weight, save space, a single person can complete the installation, removal of 10 minutes.
4. No fire hazards: In the fire-extinguishing area and explosion-proof area, it can be installed in a fire-scarce environment because no heating is required.
5, removable and reuse: quick installation and removal, reusable, maintenance-free.
6, impact resistance, reliability: noise reduction, shock reduction.
7, economical: small size, quick installation, greatly reduce installation costs and time.
8, in the flammable, explosive, can not be electric welding, hot conditions, safe, fast.

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