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All Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamp Rubber Details
- Sep 27, 2018 -

The use of high quality Stainless Steel and Nitrile Rubber gaskets permits use of the product in a range of applications from reticulated water and sewerage to industrial use. A Repair Clamp’s variable OD Range enables a single clamp to adapt to any pipe OD within that variable range. This dramatically reduces the stocking requirement to cater for each individual pipe type and size.


  • Manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion protection

  • Nitrile rubber gaskets provide a potable water contact approved seal and insulates against galvanic corrosion

  • Fully passivated stainless steel underscores the quality and longevity of the product

  • Clamp design permits the installation of a single clamp on a range of pipe diameters

  • All sharp surfaces linished to avoid injury to the installer

  • Product supplied with detailed installation instructions

  • Dry film anti-galling coating employed to minimise galling of the stainless steel fasteners

  • Manufacturing facility certified to the ISO 9001 quality assured standard

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