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Dresser Compounded Rubber Gaskets
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Dresser Compounded Rubber Gaskets Pipe joints must be able to absorb pipe stress caused by natural forces and allow for expansion. contraction Vibration and deflection While the line is in service sealing capabilities and the extreme flexibility of address coupled joint is made possible by the resilience of the rubber-compounded gaskets Resiliency is the property that enables the gaskets to maintain pressure against the followers that confine it and, at the same time, allow for flexibility not found in rigid piping connections. Without it, a flexible point possible! Simply put, the absorption of pipeline stress permits each section of the pipeline to"float in the joint ensuring a flexible piping system While avoiding leakage, linebreaks, costly repairs and service interruption information below is provided as a general review of various gaskets available When Installing Dresser productsPlease consult Dresser engineering department for proper recommendations pertaining to your particular requirements

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