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Dust Pipe Connection Good And Economic Clamp
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Are you looking for a economic, flexiable, reliable and simple new pipe connection?

multifunctional, axially flexible pipe coupling for all pipe materials. 

CBL absorbs noise, vibrations, and small amounts of expansion and contraction.

fitted to existing pipes in situ, without any need to remove and re-lay the pipes.

This makes it the ideal solution for permanent on connmecting new pipes.

Exhaust Clamps are a high-performance sleeve clamp used for joining exhaust system components without the need for resizing or slotting. clamp allows for easy and effective clamping of equal sized exhaust tubing utilizing a butt joint connection. No need to size, slot, or joint your exhaust systems! Don't be fooled by inferior knock offs! The patented dual tongue and groove inner sleeve provides quick, easy and effective sealing and eliminates longitudinal movement of exhaust members. The reaction block provides a full 360 degree equal distribution of stretching force, prohibiting pipe distortion. A patented dual tongue and groove inner sleeve completes the seal around the joined exhaust components.


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