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Flange Classification
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. According to the chemical industry (HG) industry standard: integral flange (IF), threaded flange (Th), flat welded flange (PL), neck welded flange (WN), neck welded flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW), butt welded ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat welded ring loose flange (PJ/RJ), lining flange cover (BL(S)), Flange cover (BL).
2. According to the petrochemical (SH) industry standard: threaded flange (PT), welded flange (WN), flat welded flange (SO), socket welded flange (SW), loose flange (LJ) , flange cover (not table note).
3, according to the mechanical (JB) industry standards: integral flange, butt welding flange, flat welded flange, butt welded plate loose loose flange, flat welded ring plate loose loose flange, flange ring plate loose cover Flange, flange cover.
4, according to the national (GB) standard points: integral flange, threaded flange, butt welding flange, with neck flat welding flange, with neck socket welding flange, butt welded ring with loose collar flange, flat plate Welded flanges, butt-welded ring-type loose flanges, flat-welded ring-type loose flanges, flanging ring-type loose flanges, flange covers.

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