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How To Install Pipe Repair Clamp
- Jun 29, 2018 -

⒈Clean the pipe surface, making it as clean and free of soil, mud and scale as possible in order to enable the clamp gasket to successfully seal against the pipe surface

⒉Hold the clamp against the pipe and draw left and right clamp end locator marks on the pipe

⒊Use water or suds to lubricate the pipe in order to make the sealing ring easier to install.

⒌Keep a stable water pressure in the pipe to prevent sundries.

⒋Clean and lubricate the bolt can lower the friction then make it easier for tightening the bolt and nut .

⒍When the pipe is lubricate well, it will be easier to wrap the clamp around the pipe.

⒎Rise up the water level over the pipe can effectively control the water spray which will help a quick installation.

⒏Tighten the middle nut can help to control the water spray, then sequentially tighten the other bolts.

⒐Drill a hole on both end of the pipe can help to reduce the pressure and prevent enlarging the leak point.

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