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Large Diameter Pipe Repair Clamp Install Steps
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Urgent Repair for Large Pipelines

Once urgent repair needed to be done, use some small range clamps to one several band repair clap.

1.Confirm the exact pipe O.D, of which need to be repaired.

2.Choose two or three small range clamps, make sure the sum of their range is equal to the O.D of the pipe which you want to repair .

E.g When repairing a DN500 DI pipe,O.D,510mm,choose three DN150 Clamps which range is 159-170 to make thembe 

the right size for this DN500.

3The small clamps you use to assemble to a big one is not necessary to be the same size ,but it would be better to be the same .

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