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Pipe Connector Patch App
- Mar 15, 2018 -

Pipeline connector repairer application areas: surface / underground engineering, shipbuilding / offshore oil platforms, water, gas / supply, electricity, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance and other fields.
Applicable pipelines: crude oil pipelines, gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines, feed/drainage pipelines, fuel pipelines, aviation/vehicle special pipelines, lubricating oil pipelines, slime pipelines, suction pipelines, flush power generation pipelines, seawater/desertification pipelines, and turbines Machine lines, air conditioning lines, fire lines, ventilation lines, compressor lines, etc.
The pipe connector repairer seal apron outdoors, long-term exposure to sunlight, rain and other adverse environmental factors, should still be able to ensure the original performance and play a waterproof seal.

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