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Pipe Couling ,repair Clamp For Water Pipe
- Sep 24, 2018 -

(1) If it is a newly laid pipe connector, it will have the best economic results in terms of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

(2) Since the special type of repair is specially added to the manufacture of the product, great convenience is provided in the maintenance of the hole, the crack and the leakage of the sand hole.

(3) The pipe connector is mainly divided into oil, gas-NBR type and non-oil-oil type-EPEM type according to the different conveying medium on the sealing material, so it should be noted that the connectors for different purposes are selected according to the actual situation on site.

(4) Since there are no hidden dangers and dangers such as fire and explosion due to heat and fire, it can be safely used on various sites.

(5) It is not necessary to carry out special smooth treatment on the end face of the pipeline at the construction site. As long as it is not deformed, the soil can be dried and installed.

(6) It usually takes about 10 minutes to install a connector, especially when working in a relatively small space.

(7) It can be used normally when there is a certain misalignment between the pipes, and it can be used effectively for external shock, vibration, extrusion and thermal expansion and contraction, and it can play a better sound-absorbing effect.

(8) It has good reusability and is therefore more popular in temporary pipeline construction.

(9) The use is not affected by the difference in pipe material, and can be effectively used as long as the pipe diameter difference and the yaw angle are within the specified range.

(10) No auxiliary equipment is needed for construction, as long as the ordinary wrench or hexagonal wrench can be used to complete the construction operation.

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