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Single Band HandiClamp & HandiTap
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Single Band HandiClamp & HandiTap

Body & Plates

Shell, channel plate, bridging plate, lug plate & nut plate

Stainless Steel to BS1449:Part 2 GRADE 304S15


EPDM to BS EN681-1, TYPE WA, WC or Nitrile to BS EN682,

Type G 60 IRHD moulded compound

Materials & Relevant Standards


Studs - Stainless Steel to BS EN ISO3506-1 GRADE A2 Property Class 50

Nuts - Stainless Steel to BS EN ISO 3506-2 GRADE A4 Property Class 80

Washers - Stainless Steel BS1449:PART 2 GRADE 304S15

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