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Steel Pipe Repair Method
- Mar 15, 2018 -

After the pipe is cut off, in the area of the steel band of the wave crest, extrusion welding or polyethylene sheet of the same material as the pipe should be used for fracture sealing and anti-corrosion treatment.
The polyethylene coating on the outer surface of the pipe is damaged, and the damage shall be polished thoroughly. The hot melt adhesive shall be applied on the surface of the steel strip first, and then it shall be welded or welded with a polyethylene sheet of the same material as the pipe.
If the pipeline is damaged or the pipe body is damaged, all the damaged sections should be cut off and the same length of short pipe should be connected. The length of the short pipe should not be less than 3 pitch connections, or masonry inspection wells, connecting wells and other measures.
In the process of installation, due to accidental partial damage to the pipe wall, when the diameter of the damage is less than 60mm or the circumferential crack does not exceed 1/12 of the circumference, the same material as the polyethylene sheet can be used for hot-melt repair.

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