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The Repair Seal Of The Bell Joint
- Sep 18, 2018 -

The repair seal of the bell joint (RRS) is designed for quick elimination of leaks and sealing of the butt joint joint of cast-iron pipes.

The RRS (or it is also called the filler of the bell joint) is two collapsible flanges, which press the rubber seal against the socket. The flanges are tightened together by bolts. Thus, an accident on a cast-iron pipeline is eliminated without turning off the water.

The use of RRS for emergency and scheduled repairs of cast-iron pipelines is an economically viable and reliable option, ensuring the smooth operation of the system for many years. The use of a sub-sealer of bell joints significantly improves the reliability of the connection of cast-iron pipes and prevents depressurization of the pipeline due to soil subsidence, vibrations or axial displacement during thermal expansion.

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