Universal Coupling / Flexible Coupling (Gibault Joint)

Universal Coupling / Flexible Coupling (Gibault Joint)

Universal Coupling / Flexible Coupling (Gibault Joint)

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Product Details

1.  Dimension and weight requirements

  1> Pipe fittings wall thickness tolerance: -(2.3+0.001DN)

  2> Pipe fittings length tolerance as below.



Socket pipes

± 25

Flange pipes

± 25

  3> Weight and allowable tolerance: Pipe fittings weight equal to the sum of pipe body weight and socket weight and flange weight, use the density of 7050 kg/m³. Elbow, with branches pipes and non-standard pipe fittings weight tolerance are ± 12%, other pipe fittings weight tolerance is ± 8%. The weight should be deducted to the decimal, weight accuracy within 1 kg.

2. Material

  1> Pipe fittings material is Ferritic Matrix Ductile Iron.

  2> Physical property should be as below.

3. Technique property test

  1> Water pipes should test the water pressure as below.


Water Pressure Mpa







  2> Gas pipes except above stated water pressure test, still need to use the air to make air-proof test, test pressure should not less than 3 Mpa.

4. Pipe fittings surface

  1> Pipes internal and external should clean and roundness, do not allowed to have flashes, burrs, cracks, winkles, sands, socket and flanges shrinkage to make the wall thickness thin, the defects of influence uses. Pipe fittings external slope seam does not allowed to exceed 1mm, internal and external surface blowholes depth do not exceed 2mm.

  2> Flanges outline clear, do not allowed to have flashes, burrs, cracks, winkles etc. the defects of influence uses and machining.

  3> Socket internal must clear, do not have grooving, lobe exceed to 1mm and blowholes depth exceed to 1mm and width exceed to 1.5mm. Every dimensions and outline must accurate and clear.

  4> Small defections which do not affect usage of pipe fittings should use proper ways to repair it.

5. Coating

  1> All the pipe fittings internal and external surface should have coatings. Water pipe internal have cement mortar lining, external and socket internal spray metallic zinc coating (min.150g/m²) according to ISO8179 and bitumen painting (min.70 micron).

  2> Cement mortar lining thickness and tolerance as blow.


Lining thickness (mm)

Min. average thickness (mm)

One place min. thickness (mm)

Pipe ending thickness tolerance (mm)













  3> For the gas pipes, internal coating is bitumen painting, same as external requirements.

  4> External coating: Pipes and fittings external and socket internal coating are spray metallic zinc coating and bitumen painting.

  5> Thickness requirements: Each area zinc layer average weight should not less than 150g/m², one place minimum thickness not less than 110g/m². Bitumen painting average thickness not less than 70 micron, one place minimum thickness not less than 50 micron.

Packaging & Payment

Packaging: Wooden Cases/Pallet with wrap film or according to customer’s requirements.

Shipment terms: FOB,CIF,CNF

Payment of goods:

First time cooperation, 30% deposit in advance, balanced to be paid before delivery. In the after days, 30% deposit in advance, balanced against copy B/L.


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