Pipe Repair Clamp

  • HDPE Pipe Repair CouplingS

    HDPE Pipe Repair CouplingS

    Pipe Clamps are the connecting agents during any pipe repair fiasco. Pipe Repair in industries is of utmost importance, since production process needs to resume as soon as possible. Power Plants, Waste water treatment plants and oil and gas production units need a healthy...Read More
  • SS Pipe Band Repair Clamps

    SS Pipe Band Repair Clamps

    pplied pipeline: Crude Oil Pipeline,Gas/Natural,Gas/Fuel Pipeline,Supply/Drainage Water Pipeline,Aviation/Automotive Special Pipeline, Lubricating Oil Pipeline,Mud slag pipeline,Suction pipeline Flushing Power pipeline,Cable Protection pipeline,Sea/Freash Water pipeline,...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Repair Clamps For Leak Pipes

    Stainless Steel Repair Clamps For Leak Pipes

    Item Name Stainless Steel Band Repair ClampProduct Range Repair Clamp, Clamp Tee, Repair Coupling, Clamp Coupling Band Repair Clamp Type Single Band Repair Clamp (Length150-600mm) Double Band Repair Clamp (Length150-3000mm) Triple Band Repair Clamp (Length150-3000mm) Four...Read More
  • Marine Pipes Repair Connector

    Marine Pipes Repair Connector

    1) universal: for any pipe; can be connected to different materials, shaft misalignment, different diameter pipes; (2) economy: pipe end without deal; no special installation tools; thin-walled and thick-walled tubes are applicable (3) Reliability: stress-free flexible pipe...Read More
  • Half Circle Repair Clamp, Repair Clamp

    Half Circle Repair Clamp, Repair Clamp

    Stainless steel repair clamps suits for steel pipe leak repairing half circle design one bolting 3" length two boltings 6" length available size: 1/2"--12" working pressure: PN10/PN16 repair clamp SNAP REPAIR CLAMPS SS304 BAND, CARBON STEEL GALVNIZED LUG...Read More
  • Hot Water Ductile Iron Pipe Repair Clamp

    Hot Water Ductile Iron Pipe Repair Clamp

    Easy to repair all kinds of pipe clamp (PCL-GRP-PVC-HDPE-STEEL ductile FONT) The resulting cracks, fractures, and various holes is used in the repair of damage. In addition, the tight sleeve cuff sleeve cancel used instead.Read More
  • ZR Ductile Iron Pipe Leak Repair Clamp

    ZR Ductile Iron Pipe Leak Repair Clamp

    Main pracrical pipe leakage the fast repair,can be on the pressure,not replace pipe of aging,the pipeline corrosion caused by sand holes,was for the rapid repairing,easy installation,costruction effeciency is all,no special tools can construction operation.The product...Read More
  • Full Stainless Steel Repair Clamp

    Full Stainless Steel Repair Clamp

    Specifications Type:Single part, Double part ,Three part,Four part Size:DN100--DN2000 Materile:SS316, Ductile iron ,Nitrile rubber gasket Stainless Steel Repair Clamp Features: 1. Fully constructed from 316 stainless steel for high corrosion protection; 2. Full-circle nitrile...Read More
  • Sealing And Repairing Of Cracks With Band Type Repair Clamp

    Sealing And Repairing Of Cracks With Band Type Repair Clamp

    Sealing and repairing of cracks with band type repair clamp Sealing and repairing of cracks, holes and breaks on pipes, even for oval pipes, pipes made from different materials (steel, ductile iron, asbestos cement, plastic) carrying water and other fluids in pressure or...Read More
  • Repair Clamp Material Specifications

    Repair Clamp Material Specifications

    Material Specifications Clamp band: stainless steel Lug sets: ductile iron, yellow, dichromate coating Carbon bolts, nuts and washers - zinc yellow plated Gasket - natural rubber with gridded design for maximum sealing Fast / Half Clamps CFC Range Standard lengths...Read More
  • Repair Couplings

    Repair Couplings

    Repair couplings provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for repairing larger breaks in smaller diameter pipes, by providing a full circumference seal around the pipe. Available in sizes to suit galvanised and copper pipe from 1/2" to 11/2". Installation Unhitch...Read More
  • Reliable Repair Clamp

    Reliable Repair Clamp

    Reliable Repair clamp The range guarentees a reliable, permanent seal, even on badly corroded pipes. Viking Johnson’s unique 100% circumferential ‘waffle’ gasket provides a leak tight seal and caters for circumferential or longitudinal cracks. All products can be...Read More
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